Welcome to our organization

The Protettorato di san Giuseppe Foundation, established more than a hundred years ago as a shelter for the poor, especially children, is currently one of the oldest non-profit institutions in Rome, working in the field of childhood and adolescence.

In 1978 it was recognized as a Public Institution of Aid and Charity (IPAB) and, since 2003, is a private law foundation.

Actually, its core business is assistance, study, research and implementartion of innovative models of intervention devoted to children and families. The Foundation want to be, also, a laboratory, to reflect and grow culturally in order to foster policies for childhood and family.

The Protettorato di san Giuseppe Foundation manages four communities for 26 children from 3 to 17 years, and one community for 7 mothers with children.

The Foundation collaborates with public institutions, schools and non-profit organisations. The Foundation also intends to express its cultural and educational mission and, by means of the Study Centre, manages projects and experimental